The Do It Scared Way™

Maybe you’ve tried to set goals in the past, but could never seem to stick with them long enough to make any real progress. Maybe you’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else around you that you haven’t had time to make your own goals and dreams a reality. Or maybe it’s been so long since you’ve even thought about setting real goals that you have no idea what you even want.

Maybe you’re just frustrated because it feels like all the advice you hear about following your dreams and accomplishing your goals seems to be given by people who have no concept of what real life and real responsibilities are all about.

Believe me, friend, I get it.

The thing is, it can be really hard to work up the courage to go after big goals and dreams if you feel like you’ve failed in the past, or if you feel like the practical demands of life are just going to get in the way, just like they have so many times before.

And that’s why the Do It Scared Way is different.

You see, here at Doing It Scared, we understand that life doesn’t stop just because you have a dream. You’ve still got to pay the bills, get that laundry done, and get food on the table. Sure we’d all love to have the luxury of unlimited time and budgets, not to mention a maid and a personal chef to support us as we strive for bigger and better things, but that’s not exactly reality now is it?

And that’s why our approach to going after your biggest goals and dreams is divided into three essential parts—Practicality, Productivity, and Purpose.


For most of us, the practical demands of life can be a real barrier to accomplishing big things in our life. After all, we can’t just abandon our families and responsibilities to pursue something new! But that is exactly why it is so important to make sure we are seeking out and creating solutions to these demands, even as we work towards accomplishing our biggest goals and dreams.

Here at Doing It Scared, we will make sure we are always pointing you in the right direction, to those practical resources that can help make your life easier and help you get things done faster. Our goal is to help you spend less time on all those things that HAVE to be done so that you have more time and energy for all those big things you really WANT to do!


Action is the antidote to fear, and taking focused action is the only way to bring all those big goals and dreams from idea to reality. That is exactly why productivity and time management matter so much. Our Think Big, Plan Small™ system provides the practical support and much needed encouragement and accountability to set monthly goals as well as create weekly action plans to help get them done.

During our weekly planning sessions, we’ll put this time management system into practice and identify the tasks you can take each week that will get you one step closer to your goal. Not only that, you’ll also get real accountability along with support and advice for getting it done.


Without regular encouragement, inspiration, and motivation, it would be very easy to get discouraged, especially when life gets messy or obstacles stand in our way. The purpose piece is designed to help you overcome procrastination and self-doubt, continually, improve your mindset, and keep you motivated.

Our Doing It Scared magazine is a great source of inspiration, as each issue is centered around a topic meant to aid your personal growth, and our community is the place where you’ll be connected to others following similar paths, and where you’ll find daily motivation and encouragement.

These three pieces work together to give you a holistic and practical approach to accomplishing your biggest goals and dreams—an approach that works where so many others may have failed.