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June 2020 – Health & Fitness

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June 2020

Health & Fitness

Happy June!

For some places, the world is starting to slowly make its way back to normal. For others, there’s still a really long road ahead. Regardless of the progress your neighborhood is making towards heading back to a non-COVID normal, I think we can all agree that we’re not quite there yet and life is still a bit weird. 

One of the biggest ways that all this has affected many of us is in our health, fitness, and diet. A lot of us are eating more (hello, stress eating!), easing stress with methodical baking recipes, and less activity due to not really having anywhere to go! Now, we know this doesn’t apply to everyone and lots of you are rocking your health and fitness during this time… But many of us are not. 

And that’s okay. Really. It’s okay if you’ve indulged in some more treats than normal, opted for more convenient meals, and prioritized rest and self-care above exercising. These are unprecedented times and honestly, it’s been like survival mode. But, if you’re noticing bad habits creeping in that you’re not happy with, let’s start to change that! 

This month, we are going to be covering things like how to fit in more fitness, superfoods that will give you more energy (raise your hand if you could use some more energy these days!), how to lose 10lbs in 8 weeks (and keep them off), and an intro to the keto diet if you’ve been curious about that and want to learn more. 

Our Recommended Reading for this month is Jaclyn London’s Dressing on the Side (and Other Diet Myths Debunked). This book might just surprise you–some of the myths that she debunked sure surprised us! It’s unlike any other diet book out there and we actually found it somewhat comforting in a lot of ways! 

Our Practical Application section this month is pretty fun! We included a water intake tracker because whatever your health and fitness goals are (or aren’t!), drinking enough water is crucial for everyone! We also included some fun goal trackers for you and for your whole family. Plus some prompts to really help you hone in (and reflect) on your goals.

We hope this month’s exclusive content has you feeling healthier, whatever that may mean for you. Health, diet and fitness are NOT one size fits all!

All my best,

Amanda | Editor in Chief





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