July 2020 – Taking Action

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July 2020

Taking Action

Happy July!

The sun is shining, the days are warmer, the world is opening back up and it might just feel like the perfect time to say NO to anything hard and challenging. And if that’s what you know you need right now, then by all means, lean into that. No one can pour from an empty cup and everyone needs to take the time to recharge when necessary.

But this month’s topic is about Taking Action. Which can definitely be easier said than done a lot of the time! Maybe you rocked your big goals throughout this pandemic. But maybe you didn’t. Maybe you were in survival mode. And maybe now you’re ready to jump back in to make some serious progress. And maybe it feels really hard to actually start to dig in and make that progress that you feel so ready to. 

Well, if so, you’re in luck. Because we have your back! 

This month, we are going to be covering things like how to create an action plan that works, the magic of thinking big, how to design a life that you love and how to find a why that is bigger than your fear. That last one is really, really important! That is what will keep you going when things get really hard. 

Our Recommended Reading for this month is Choose to Win by Tom Ziglar. We chose this book because it hits on a lot of the same principles that we embrace around here. The key being that you can accomplish anything that you want to in this life and you do so by making a million little choices everyday that, together, add up to something incredible.

Our Practical Application section this month is bringing it back to basics to really get you focused on implementing your big goals. You’ll find project planning worksheets, a long term goals worksheet, and our goal crushing worksheets. You’ll be chomping at the bit to get started after getting so clear on your goals and your plans after working on this practical application!

We hope this month’s exclusive content has you feeling ready to absolutely rock your goals by taking some serious action!

All my best,

Amanda | Editor in Chief





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