Course Overview

Learn how to develop the daily habits & simple home systems that will take you from stressed and overwhelmed to calm, happy, and in-control.

The Academy Includes…

Our four-week program focuses on mastering four key areas of your home life–your habits and routine, keeping tidy, simplifying mealtime, and mastering money–and helps you develop simple, easy-to-implement (but incredibly effective) systems for each one, so by the end of our time together you will feel, calm, focused, and totally in-control of your home environment.

  • Create A Routine–Taking control of your home life starts with your own habits and routines. You’ll learn how to create an effective daily rhythm, as well as our proven system for developing better habits that make your life easier.
  • Keeping Tidy–A tidy environment is key to feeling ready to tackle your day. We’ll show you how to eliminate housekeeping overwhelm by focusing on just a few key “power tasks” each day that will make all the difference.
  • Simplify Mealtime–Few things cause more anxiety each day than that dreaded question “what’s for dinner?” We’ll show you the simple tricks to getting good food on the table fast so that meal planning is no longer a problem.

  • Mastering Money–It’s hard to feel in control when your finances are out of whack. We’ll show you how to quickly cut expenses and get a firm grasp on telling your money where to go (so you don’t have to wonder where it went.)