Course Overview

Build Your Business Workshop gives you the “next-level” insights you need to build a sustainable, life-changing business. From having the proper mindset, to casting a vision, leading a team and building a selling system that can scale, you’ll learn what it takes from seasoned entrepreneurs who know.

This course is for those who are serious about pursuing their business as a true business.

7 Workshop Sessions

Workshop Opening Session: Think Like An Entrepreneur – Ruth Soukup

Workshop 1: Chart Your Path – Ruth Soukup

Workshop 2: Scale Like A CPA – Lena Gott

Workshop 3: Build Your Team Like A Boss – Kate Ahl

Workshop 4: Form Your Product Ladder – Brian Dixon

Workshop 5: Sell Without Fear – Ryan Langford

Workshop 6: Turn On The Machine – Rosemarie Groner

Workshop 7: The Silent Salesman – Chandler Bolt