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February 2020 – Relationships

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February 2020


Happy February!

A little while back when we asked you, our Doing It Scared members, what topics you wanted covered, one that kept coming up over and over was the topic of relationships. Which is great, because it’s a topic that we think is really important, and one we knew we wanted to cover very soon. 

While it might be a little cutesy to share our Relationships issue with you in February–the month of Valentine’s Day–it was purely coincidental. Because, while our romantic relationships are of course very important, they are not the only relationships that matter in our lives. Nor are they the only ones that require effort and nurturing. 

So this month, we are covering the importance of nurturing all relationships. Relationships with family, friendships, and of course the relationships with our spouses and romantic partners. Whether you are wondering if your marriage is normal, need to implement boundaries, or just want to cultivate more meaningful relationships, we’ve got it covered. 

Our Recommended Reading for this month is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman which I’m sure many of you have already read. If you haven’t, you must! It might just change your relationship with your spouse for the better! If you have read it and it’s been collecting dust on a shelf for year, we recommend reading it again–this time with your partner if they haven’t made their way through it.

Our Practical Application section is a fun one this month! With 10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Marriage and space for you to list out your wishlist of activities. Print out as many as you want to have a running list of date night ideas, activities you want to do with your kids, or fun things you want to do with your friends! 

Just like anything worth having, all relationships require attention and nurturing to make them the best they can be! 

All my best,

Amanda | Editor in Chief





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