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April/May 2020 – Contentment & Comparison

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April/May 2020

Contentment & Comparison

Happy Spring!

Spring is officially here and despite the dark cloud that has been looming over the world for more than a month now, we can’t deny the power of the little things–like a bit more sunshine than we’re used to. This month we’re talking about contentment and comparison which, if we’re not careful, can also cast a dark cloud over our lives if we let it.

Especially right now with all that’s going on in the world and how that is changing what life looks like in your family. You may catch yourself comparing your brand new homeschool journey that you were forced into with the ‘Super Moms’ who have been doing this by choice and excelling at the homeschool game for years. Maybe you’re comparing yourself to the stay at home mom who has had her routines down for years, and you’ve been having a really hard time with that since being forced to be home everyday.

For most of us, it is so easy to get caught up in the comparison trap and that takes away from the contentment and joy in our lives if we’re not aware of it and careful to take measures to fight against it. But with that said, it is definitely a trap that we can avoid if we go about it intentionally.

So this month, we are going to start with just that. We are covering how to escape the comparison trap and start embracing your own journey, 7 ways to be more content, beating the comparison game and how to embrace less–less comparison, discontentment, greed and social media. While these articles and this overarching topic may feel a bit somber, know that there is light and a way out if you feel weighed down by contentment. That’s what this issue is all about! 

Our Recommended Reading for this month is Lisa Leonard’s Be You: 20 Ways to Embrace Who You Really Are. This book guides you to let go of the burdens you were never meant to carry and understand that you don’t have to fix everyone and everything.

Our Practical Application section this month is going to look a little different. This topic is so much so one of the heart that we designed our practical application to be like journal prompts. There will be questions that will allow you to get your heart out on paper and really lean into your thoughts.

We hope this month’s exclusive content leaves you feeling lighter and freed from the trap that is comparison!

All my best,

Amanda | Editor in Chief





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